"Only Gimli lifted up his head; a smouldering fire was in his eyes. . ."
The Fellowship of the Ring, A Journey in the Dark

Gimli was a dwarf of the House of Durin who became famous as the only Dwarven member of the Fellowship of the Ring. He a stubborn, belligerent, good-hearted, independent, mischievous, loud, ill-tempered, generous, intelligent, meticulous, loving and idealistic dwarf who joins the Fellowship of the Ring to destroy the One Ring, and kill many orcs along the way. He is close friends with Aragorn and betrothed to Legolas but still clashes with the elf due to the thousand year old fued between elves and dwarves. He participates in many battles including Moria, Helm's Deep and the Black Gate. His weapons include twin hatchets and a giant battle axe. He is very stubborn and often explains the stubborness of dwarves. He loves fighting and even when outnumbered, he never backs down and always competes with Legolas to kill more orcs than him.


Gimli was born in the Blue Mountains during a time of exile for the Durin's Folk, about a century after the tragic destruction of Dale and the Sacking of Erebor by Smaug the Golden. His father was Glóin, a direct descendant of King Náin II and, through him, of Durin the Deathless. His father joined Thorin and Company in their quest to reclaim the Kingdom Under the Mountain, but Gimli was forbidden because he was too young: only 62 at the time.

The Dwarves were successful in their Quest and Gimli and his father were among the Dwarves who returned to Erebor. Years later, in TA 3017, Gimli witnessed the arrival of a messenger of Sauron (presumed to be a Nazgûl) inquiring about Bilbo Baggins, old acquaintance of his father, and the Ring of Power, promising tempting offers. Gimli accompanied his troubled father to Rivendell for the dual purpose of warning Bilbo and seeking the counsel of Elrond on such weighty matters. He attended the Council of Elrond as a representative of the Dwarves of Erebor.

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