Fundin Bluecloak
Fundin Bluecloak
Biographical Information
Date of birthTA 2662
Date of deathTA 2890
WeaponryDwarven Axe
Physical Description
CultureDúrin's Folk
Hair colorGrayish-white
Eye colorSilky Blue
Skin colorFair
FamilyHouse of Dúrin
ParentageFárin & Unnamed mother
SpouseUnnamed wife
ChildrenBálin & Dwálin
Lord of the Rings film trilogy
ActorUnknown actor

Fundin Bluecloak was a dwarf of the royal line of Dúrin's Folk, the great-grandson of King Náin II. He was the son of Fárin and the older brother of Gróin.


Fundin was born in the Lonely Mountain in the year TA 2753. He fathered two sons, Bálin & Dwálin, both of which were members of Thórin & Company and were involved with the regaining of Lonely Mountain. In the year TA 2880, Fundin was 218 years old at the time when King Thrór found the Arkenstone and named it the "King's Jewel". Fundin was worried about the sickness and warned both his sons on what it would do. This was time when Smaug invaded the mountain and Fundin, along with his sons, went into exile with all the dwarven people of Erebor after the attack.

Ten years later, Fundin was summoned by Thrór and his son Thráin to assist in leading a large number of dwarves to reclaim the ancient kingdom of Moria. Fundin believed it was not such a good plan since he feared that the ancient creature still lingers there, but he chose to follow the King's plan. However, when the seven armies of the dwarves arrived, they realized that legions of Mountain Orcs led by Azog the Defiler had already gotten their first. Fundin was killed beneath the East-gate of Moria in the Battle of Azanulbizar, the final conflict of the War of the Dwarves and Orcs: He was part of the first assault of the vanguard that was thrown back with loss, and was driven into a wood by lake Mirrormere. He was slain there along with his kinsman Frérin, and many others. After the battle his body was burned on a wooden pyre along with the rest of the dead.


Fundin is one of the dwarf names found in the Völuspá. His name means "Found".

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