Skillset 1Edit

Name Effect AP Cost
Quick Stab A knife attack that inflicts increased damage. 2
Steal Item Steals items from one enemy. 3
Tri-Slice A three-strike knife attack. 6

Skillset 2Edit

Name Effect AP Cost
Swift Blade A sword attack that does increased damage. 3
Whip Kick A kick attack that inflicts Paralysis status. 4

Perfect Mode Skillset 1Edit

This Perfect Mode works differently, as when Frodo's HP is Critical it appears for him to select an ability that gets him in a berserk trance for the rest of the battle.

Name Effect Acquirement
Howling Soul Inflicts Berserk on Frodo, increasing Strength and Speed. Default

Perfect Mode Skillset 2Edit

Name Effect Acquirement
Spiral Slash A twirling sword attack that inflicts heavy damage. Given to him by Aragorn.

Perfect Mode Skillset 3Edit