War of the Ring
The first battle of Moria.
Name: First battle of Moria
Territory: Earth, Arda, Middle-Earth, Nevel Mountains, Mines of Moria.
Result: • Goblins capture Moria.

• Moria Dwarves near-extermination.

• Balrog re-awakened.

Side 1: Gorkill's Goblins
Side 2: Dwarves of Moria
Commanders Side 1: Gorkill

• Durin's Bane

Commanders Side 2: • Balin

• Durin

Forces Side 1: Unknown amount of Goblins.
Forces Side 2: 11.000 Dwarves
Casualties Side 1: Medium.
Casualties Side 2: Very heavy.


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Lord of the Rings Tolkien's Novels

Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle-Earth I, II and ROTWK. (Part of Mordor)

Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle-Earth II: Battle of Arda

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