1000 Elven Archers" 1000 Elven Archers" 951 Elves" 951 Elves"
First Battle at Sand Fields
Part of The Great war of the South
Date: SA 432
Location: Sand Fields
Result: Gorbon Victory

Harad Forces pushed back

Casus belli: The betrayal of Harad
Territory changes: N/A
Gorbon Harad
Lord Gorbal IV Unknown Harad commander
50000 Men from Gorbon

1000 Elven Archers

55000 Haradrim Forces
48000 Men

951 Elves

54855 Haradrim Men

Sand Fields

 This battle happened when Gorbon found out that Harad had attacked their allies of Númenor and Harad found out that Gorbon had been allies of Númenor.

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