Finror Legolasion
Biographical Information
Other namesMallorn ( Golden Tree ) -

Ivorionnath ( Crystal descent ) -

Sîdhion ( Son of Peace )
Title6th Prince of Mirkwood
AffiliationÑoldor and Sindar
LanguageSylvan elvish, Sindarin and a bit Quenya
Date of birthTA 1541
Date of deathTA 1565

Resurected by his mother in TA 2150

Sailed West in FO 121
Physical Description
CultureSindar Culture ( Elves of Mirkwood )
Height6'1 ft
Hair colorBlond
Eye colorGreen
Skin colorPale
FamilyFamily of Mirkwood and Family of Ailinosto
ParentageLegolas ( father ) and Maethoriel ( mother )
SiblingsIthilwen ( sister ) Finris ( half-brother )
Lord of the Rings film trilogy

Finror is the 6th prince in the order of Mirkwood, born in TA 1541 in the Woodland Realm to Legolas and Maethoriel. Killed by spiders but resurected by his mother five hundred years after this, he is well known for his courrage and faith. He sailed West with his family in FO 121 after Arwen's death in Lothlorien. 


Early years and deathEdit

Finror was born in TA 1541 in Mirkwood, son of the prince Legolas Greenleaf and of his wife Maethoriel of Ailinosto. Since his birth, he was named Sîdhion, or " son of peace ", because he was the first royal child of two main Elven races, Sindar and Noldor. Finror grew in the Woodland Realm under the due care of his parents and his grandfather. Protected from anybody, any outsider, and kept in secret from Mordor. Nevertheless, due to the fate of the Curse of the Broken Oath, the young prince will die at the age of 25, hit by a spider.

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