Biographical Information
Date of birthTA 2940
Date of deathTA 2978
Physical Description
CultureGondorian (Dúnedain of Gondor)
Height5' 8"
Hair colorDark
Eye colorGrayish-blue
Skin colorLight
FamilyHouse of Dol Amroth
SpouseDenethor II
ChildrenBoromir & Faramir
Lord of the Rings film trilogy
ActorKirsty Mitchell

Finduilas was the sister of Prince Imrahil of Dol Amroth, the wife of Denethor II, and the mother of Boromir and Faramir II. Named after Finduila Faelivrin, an Elf Maiden of the First Age, she was a lady of great beauty and gentle heart.


In TA 2960, she was wed to the much older Denethor II, son of Ecthelion II the Steward of Gondor. In TA 2962, she gave birth to Boromir, most loved by his father. Six years later, she gave birth to to her second son, Faramir, and afterwards grew weak. while Faramir, her second son, could never please his father nor be seen as Boromir's equal, Finduilas raised Faramir on her own and loved him ever for nearly ten years when her health began dwindle in the city. She would also spend her time with Boromir, and pleaded him to look after Faramir and love him like she had.

In TA 2974, Ecthelion died, and Denethor became Steward of Gondor. Nevertheless the health of the Lady Finduilas dwindled in the city. The shadow of Mordor filled her with horror while she never stopped missing the sea, and four years later, she died at the very young age of thirty-eight (considering her heritage as a Dúnedain). Denethor never remarried, and became more grim and silent than before. It was not long after her death that he would sit long alone in his tower deep in thought, foreseeing that the assault from Mordor would come in his time.

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