Fili Bolger
Filibert Bolger
Biographical Information
Other namesFullbright
Date of birthTA 2942
Date of deathFO 42
Physical Description
FamilyBolger family
ParentageAdalbert Bolger & Gerda Bolger
SpousePoppy Bolger
Lord of the Rings film trilogy

Filibert Bolger, nicknamed Fullbright, was a male Hobbit who was a member of the Bolger family and the husband of Poppy Bolger.


Born in TA 2942, Filibert considered himself to be a lonely man until he felt a sudden change within him. He fell in love with Poppy Baggins and eventually got married in the Shire. They never had any kids while their relatives have. On September 12, TA 3001, Filibert and his wife attended Bilbo's Farewell Party.

Two years later, Filibert received word from Paladin Took II and Will Whitfoot, the Mayor of Michel Delving, about the growing evil that was beginning to spread. Along with his wife, Filibert volunteered in joining the Hobbitry-in-arms with 2000 hobbits under the command of Paladin Took.

Upon arriving to Gondor, Filibert and the Hobbitry-in-arms charged forth against the weakened enemy when Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli led the Army of the Dead. After the Battle of Pelennor Fields ended, Filibert and his wife assisted in gathering the wounded. Later, he went with the combined forces to the Black Gate and deal with Sauron and his dark forces. Filibert and Poppy survived the battle and were among those that attended the coronation of Aragorn.

During the beginning of the Fourth Age, Filibert and his wife visited Minas Tirith once every summer and enjoy to wander near the Great River. He passed away in early FO 42.

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