Ferrin is a rogue Elf who grew up among men. He did not travel with the other Elves to the Uttermost West, and believed his servitude to the King of Men.

Also Known As

The Fourth Age Edit

Ferrin fought alongside the Men almost as one of them in the 3rd Age, and now as the 4th Age dawned, the King was assassinated. Ferrin joined the rest of the King's Army on their journey to Mordor.

Journey to Mordor Edit

On his way, he befriended Arador Ambrosius. They made a good team, Ferrin was all of the skill, Arador was all of the strength, then Royan joined, who was a good balance of the two. On their way to Mordor, they found a wandering nomad by the name of Ofelia. Little is known about her, other than her entire team was killed by Orcs, just up the road they were going up.

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