Biographical Information
AffiliationGreenwood Army
LanguageSilvan Elvish
Physical Description
CultureSilvan Elves (Wood-elves of Mirkwood)
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBrown
Skin colorFair
Lord of the Rings film trilogy
ActorSimon London

Feren was a Silvan Elf who was one of King Thranduil's guards.


In TA 2941, when it was discovered that Thorin and Company had escaped from their prison cells via wine barrels, Feren blowed a horn to alert the Elves guarding the gate that leads to the River Running, also ordering them to close the gate so as to bring the Company back into custody. However, the elves failed when Bolg and his company of Orcs ambushed the elves while Kili, who was shot in the leg, managed to reopen the gate and escaped. Feren was at the doors to the Woodland Realm later in the film, where he told Legolas that Tauriel had gone into the woods. He then brought a message to Legolas outside Laketown and later with Thranduil in Dale, where Thranduil ordered him to blow his horn and summoned his troops.

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