Fellowship of the Rings (Alternate Version) is the first of four books in the Lord of the Rings (AV) series, and will tell a more different account of how the War of the Ring might have ended, had several key things in the plot been changed and twisted otherwise. It is the first of the four books as mentioned above.

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The shadows of Mordor are rising. Middle-earth is once again on the tense brink of massive war. The Dark Lord Sauron is once again regaining strentgh and preparing to marshall his dark forces across Middle-earth to destroy and corrupt all that is good. Only one thing remains that he yet desires - a particular ring, an object of immense power, that happens to be right where he least expects it......

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This is a list of main characters. Side characters and minor ones or ones that do not appear majorly in the book will not be included at all. Some may be added or removed as the books progress further on.

Goblins at the siege of moria

Hendra the Foul and his goblin troops

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This is the list of locations. As said above, some may be removed, some others added. This list includes only some of the locations in the story - minor ones will be ignored.

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Note: This section will be updated as progress of books continues