The Fellowship of Despair is an AU of The Fellowship of the Ring in The Dragonborn Series and introduces two new "human" main characters: Elpis and Despar, Despar is a Dragonborn serving Sauron and is his most feared General in all of Middle Earth, Elpis flees the shadow of Despar and his dragon but his fate would be to fall in love and redeem him.



Heroes of Middle EarthEdit



Villains of Middle EarthEdit

Main CharactersEdit

  • Sauron
  • Despar - Despar is a Dragonborn whom fell under Sauron's sway while wearing the Ring of Darkness, he is Sauron's most trusted General and rider of Alduin whom carries the title of "Dragon God of Destruction", Despar seems to easily disguise the fact that he is wavering in his allegiances.
  • Alduin -
  • Sandor - Sauron's Son who has a fair appearance, Sandor wants to overthrow his father upon seeing the horror that the man is capable of, he wishes to turn Mordor into the Home for Dragons it was meant to be.
  • Saruman




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