Faramir I
Biographical Information
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TitleRegent Prince of Gondor
Date of birth1924 3A
Year ascended to the throne{{{rule}}}
Date of death1944 3A
WeaponrySword and Bow
Physical Description
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Lord of the Rings film trilogy

Faramir I was the second son of King Ondoher and younger brother of Artamir. He was named after Faramir II, son of Lord Denethor.


Faramir I was born right after his mother died in the year 1924 3A. Over the years, Faramir served as regent of Gondor when his father and his older brother went off to war with the Wainriders in 1944 3A.

Faramir refused to stay behind and left the city in disguise as a ranger and joined a party of the Éothéod retreating towards the Dead Marshes near the Morannon. The party was caught in an ambush by a group of 200 Orcs that were scouting in the marshes. Faramir defended himself, but was shot by an arrow and died in the arms of the leader of the éored with whom he was traveling. His true identity was discovered when the Éothéod searched his body and found evidence that he was the Regent Prince. The leader of the Éothéod took Faramir's body back to the city and many citizens mourned his lost. He was buried right next to his mother's grave.

A year after his death, his nephew Aramir, son of Artamir, was to claim the throne. Since Aramir was only a boy and didn't know what to do, Eärnil II took the crown and mentored Aramir in becoming a Steward of Gondor.

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