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Faramir, Prince of Ithilien, (2983 TA - 82 FA) was the 27th and last ruling Steward of Gondor and first steward of King Elessar I Telecontar. Born in the last years of the third age as the second son and offspring of steward Denethor II and princess Finduilas Faramir played a crucial role in the defense of Gondor during the War of the Ring, especially following the death of his older brother Boromir.

Following the death of his father during the Battle of the Pelenor Fields Faramir, briefly, assumed lordship over Gondor from the end of the battle until the coronation of Aragorn son of Arathorn as King Elessar of the Reunited Kingdom. As Faramir had been wounded at the Fall of Osgiliath and had yet to recover his brief stewardship was spend in the Healing Houses and no major policies was implemented by the steward, save, following the Fall of Sauron, the commencement of the Siege of Minas Morgul.

Following the return of the King Faramir willingly and obediently surrendered dominion over Gondor to Aragorn whom he greatly admired and respected. The king in turn created Faramir the first Prince of Ithilien and the first Lord of Emyn Arnen effectively making Faramir second only to the king in power and greatness. Furthermore Faramir was reappointed Steward of Gondor as king Elessar commenced the long wars against the remains of the hosts of Mordor and its allies that became known as the Continuation Wars.

Not long after the begining of the Fourth Age Faramir proposed to the rohirrim princess Éowyn, sister to the new King Éomer of Rohan. During their stay in the Healing Houses the two had fallen in love with one another despite considerable differences in both character and position. The proposal was meet with some opposition among the more conservative Dúnedain of Gondor who disapproved of the marriage between the second in command of the Kingdom to a foreigner of an inferior bloodline. The fact that Éowyn had proven one of the greatest heroes of the War of the Ring slaying the Witchking that had once destroyed the Northern Kingdom however served to facilitate acceptance among the gondorian public. The marriage between Faramir and Éowyn became one of great happiness and teh couple sired many children including Elboron who would succed Faramir as Steward.

Throughout his tenure as Steward Faramir was the patriarch of the House of Hurin and was considered chief among the nobles of Gondor. His policies where often characterized by cautiousness and wisdom which both contrasted and complemented the often reckless courage displayed by the King. Faramir died in 82 FA, almost three decades before his wife, in his palace at Emyn Arnen after a brief and painless illness.

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