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Everard Took was a Hobbit who was the son of Adelard Took and the younger brother of Reginard Took.


On September 12, 3001 3A, Everard attended Bilbo's Farewell Birthday Party. He and Melilot Brandybuck danced together as Bilbo made a speech, assuming he had finished. Bilbo was in the middle of the speech, the two thought it was over and began dancing the Springle-ring on a table. Bilbo simply finished his speech. Everard was rather embarrassed and stepped down from the table.

During the War of the Ring, Everard and Melilot joined the Shire Company under the command of Will Whitfoot and they set south to Gondor where they would prepare for war. Everard fought in the Battle of Pelennor Fields where he killed several orcs and volunteered in gathering the wounded to be sent to Minas Tirith. He later travelled to the Black Gate with the combined armies of the Free Alliance where they would prepare for their final stand against the forces of Mordor. He was horrified when the Mouth of Sauron revealed Frodo's mithril vest. Together, Everard and Reginard fought in the Battle of Morannon against a vast number of orcs that were moving through. After watching his brother die, Everard kept on fighting until Frodo destroyed the One Ring.

At the beginning of the Fourth Age, Everard attended Aragorn's coronation and returned to the Shire in peace. He passed away in 100 4A.