Background information
Type City-harbor
Location Long Lake
Realms Rhovanion
Founded/Built Late-Third Age
Ruler Kings of Dale
Master of Lake-town
Other Information
Summary Town built upon Trade between Humans, Elves, Hobbits, and Dwarves in Northern Middle-earth
Other names Lake-town, Esgaroth upon the Long Lake
Inhabitants Northrons, Silvan Elves, Dwarves, and Stoor Hobbits
Spoken languages Westron, Sindarin, Khuzdul, and Hobbitish
Lifespan Late-Third Age - ?

Esgaroth, also known as Lake-town or Esgaroth upon the Long Lake, was a small settlement and community of Human in the northeastern part of mapped Middle-earth. The town was constructed entirely of wood and stands upon wooden pillars sunk into the bed of the Long Lake, south of Erebor and and east of Mirkwood.


After Dale was attacked by the Dragon Smaug, Esgaroth remained where it was utilized water as its defense. The Long Lake was also surrounded by towering cliffs and high mountains, all helpful natural barriers that had the potential to aid its defenders in a siege. While these defenses slowed and diverted Lake-town's human enemies, it did nothing to prepare its inhabitants against Smaug.

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