Eruanna Undomiel is a low noble elvish maiden born in the Lorien territory. Her father was Beoduil son of Dior of the House of Bëor and the House of Thingol. Her mother was Lady Tindómiel the daughter of Orodreth the King of Nargothrond of the House of Finarfin. Lady Tindómiel and Beoduil met in Rivendell and it was love at first sight, but Tindómiel conceived Eruanna from Beoduil outside of marriage. Beoduil and Tindómiel both agreed to keep the existence of Eruanna away from public eye, they planned a secret wedding after the birth of Eruanna was known (but little did anyone know that they actually married before Eruanna was born.) After Eruanna was born, Beoduil and Tindómiel lived in Edhellond for six months away from the judgment of their kin. 

When they were returning to Rivendell, an Orc pack slaughtered Beoduil and tortured Tindómiel until she died. During the attack before Tindómiel died, Tindómiel hid Eruanna in a rabbit’s hole to save her only child from harm. When Gil-galad, the brother of Tindómiel, came by after the attack, he was horrified that his sister was dead and her lover (secret husband) slaughtered. But Gil-galad heard a Eruanna’s cry from the rabbit’s hole, and took her in as his god-daughter and the High Ward of the Noldor. When Eruanna came of age to take up the role of being an elf of Grace, Galadriel came to her on her 121st birthday and gave her the name of “Undomiel”. Also during her 121st birthday, Gil-galad gave her the name Tinúviel.

After the death of Gil-galad, Eruanna moved to Lindon and rested there. But when her kin found out about her past life and her parents past life, they rejected her for she was a child before marriage and that was looked down upon the elves. Now Eruanna, travels around Middle-Earth having adventures and making new friends along the way.

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