Erathirl is an elf of Lothlórien who ran away from home because of her parents. She was a good friend of Haldir's

Early life Edit

Erathirl was born to a high class family Lothlórien. Her father was an elf in the high up class of generals. Her parents never believed that Erathirl should fight because she was a she-elf. She however disagreed greatly along with her brothers Kelion, Lepion and Mepiol. They taught her her skills such as tracking, strategizing and fighting. One day her mother was very angry at Erathirl because she said she wasn't going to go to a gathering. Her mother and father then banned her from training anymore. She then decided to run away.

Meeting the Fellowship Edit

When running away Erathirl ran into some orcs. Thankfully she managed to kill all three but she got hurt with an arrow in her leg. She then got a far away as she could. She then hid in a bush. A day after that the fellowship came and camped by. Erathirl believing it was someone else who was on Sauron's side hid until someone got too close to her. She attacked him with her knife. This person happened to be Legolas. After telling them her story she continued with them.

Personality Edit

Erahirl was shown to be stubborn and smart. She often acted like her brothers because she displayed tracking, strategizing and fighting similar ways to them. She is also very independent and hates being compared to men she often tries to prove herself to people.

Appearance Edit

It was said Erathirl has long dark hair and grey-ish eyes. She was also said to be elegant and graceful when moving. She has pointed ears like all Elves

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