"He who sheds blood will shed blood in return."





Biographical information

Other names
The Mourning Star, Elf Child of Gandalf, Guardian of the White Wizard
Elmira the Brave
Date of birth
Unknown; after TA 1001
Year ascended to the throne
Date of death
Realms ruled
Bow & Arrow, Sword

Physical description

Short (6'0")
Hair color
Snow-white blonde
Eye color

Elmira Beréslal, sometimes known as the Mourning Star or Elf Child of Gandalf, was an elf who was an ally of the Fellowship in the Third Age. She was the daughter of Hérion and Panluistra, as well as the older sister to Elmire Beréslal, who was killed in battle. With her significant capabilities in the use of weapons, as well as her medical knowledge, she was a resource to the Fellowship, despite her gender. Her age was never openly stated but she is believed to be between 300 to 2000 years old, and quite possibly older, which isn't uncommon for elves. She first became well-known as the Elf Child of Gandalf the Grey, since she traveled with him for a long time as a child after her parents were killed in battle.


Early LifeEdit

Elmira was born after TA 1001 to elves, Hérion and Panluistra as their first child. Not long after her birth, her brother, Elmire was born and she came to care for him deeply, as an older sister would. This would later increase at the death of her parents in battle.

After her parents death, occuring when she was quite young, she became deeply quiet and protective over her brother.

Before the War of the RingEdit

War of the RingEdit

After the WarEdit



As a child, Elmira was kind, curious, and naive. She tended to wander from Gandalf's side often, something which often resulted in her getting in trouble or being put in danger and Gandalf having to "rescue" her. She was still fairly mature and intelligent, possessing an extreme knowledge of Nazgûls and other dark beings. She seemed to enjoy hearing stories of Gandalf's travels and was well-known for mimicking his style, wearing dark grey robes and smaller versions of his hat.

Over time, Elmira became more mature, and less curious and naive. She grew to understand the dangers of the world, and began to remain at Gandalf's side in place of wandering from it, though doing so out of a desire to protect him rather than fear of the "real world". She became prone to having comical arguments, or rather banters with Gandalf, generally teasing him over being "an old man". Despite this attitude, she genuinely cared for Gandalf and expressed a great deal of grief upon hearing of his "death" in Moria at the hands of Durin's Bane. She became protective over her friends and homeland, having stayed behind in place of going to the Undying Lands in order to fight to protect both, a result of her brother, Elmire's death.



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