Biographical Information
Other namesElla
AffiliationGrey Company
Date of birthTA 2950
Date of deathMarch 15, TA 3003
WeaponryBow & Sword
Physical Description
CultureArnorians (Dúnedain of Arnor)
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBrown
Skin colorLight
ParentageUnnamed father & mother
Lord of the Rings film trilogy
ActorNatalie Portman

Elladrien, nicknamed Ella, was a female Ranger of the North and a descendant of the Dúnedain of of Arnor. She was the wife of Pelisor and the mother of Estel.


Early lifeEdit

Born in early-TA 2950, Elladrien was raised in Annúminas, the capital city of the Kingdom of Arnor. Like her parents and other relatives, Elladrien wanted to become a Ranger of the North, but her father forbid that since he was afraid of what would happen to her. Later in TA 2970, Elladrien met a strong and proud woman named Maia, who was also a ranger and the adopted sister of Halbarad Dúnadan. Despite her father's warnings, Elladrien was eager to learn how to become a Ranger. Maia saw courage in her eyes, and agreed to train her. Every early morning while her father was away from Annúminas, Elladrien would accompany Maia, and the two would train together in the forests.

However, one day in TA 2975, while Elladrien continued her training with Maia, the two were suddenly ambushed by Orcs that were raiding Annúminas. Elladrien and her mentor both managed to return to the city in time, and serve in its defense. During the battle, Elladrien's father was badly wounded, and his life was nearly ended when a large Orc Warrior attended to execute him. Elladrien was forced to reveal herself when she saved her father by shooting her last arrow whcih flew into the Orc's forehead. Her father was grateful and apologized for what he said to her. Elladrien proudly forgived him, and buried him after he died from his wounds.

Battle of Lam NheongEdit

On February 29, TA 3000, Elladrien reunited with her mentor while she accompanied Calenglad to Lam Nheong. However, when word was spread when Orcs, Mordor Uruk-hai, and Goblins were stealing Elvish weapons, Elladrien, Calenglad, and Maia arrived to Lam Nheong in time and protected the villagers by a force of Orcs that were aided by the Uruks. During the battle, Elladrien fought for her life in defending the people of Lam Nheong, but some were slain. As many Mordor Orcs and Uruk-hai were slain and the rest were forced to retreat, Elladrien, Maia, and Calenglad went to a cliff, along with aid of the Strikers, a company of Dwarf and Human warriors to fend off a group of Goblin Mercenaries.

After the battle, Elladrien and Maia were ordered to accompany Anlipige and Pelisor, who were both injured during the fight. Elladrien eventually fell in love with Pelisor, and the two were eventually married and stayed with the other members of Grey Company. Living in Fornost Erain with their friends, Elladrien gave birth to a son on January 10, TA 3001 and named him Estel, a named which meant "Hope".

War of the RingEdit

During the War of the Ring, Elladrien and her husband continue to serve in the Grey Company that currently consist of 6000 Rangers of the North which was recruited by Halbarad to aid Aragorn and Gondor to defeat the enemies of Mordor (secretly at Galadriel's request). Deciding to leave their son Estel safely in Annúminas, Elladrien and Pelisor agreed to venture off to Rivendell to seek out Lord Elrond's support after Aragorn, the Heir of Isildur, had already left with Fellowship of the Ring. They were given cloaks or mantles of grey colour and carry no symbols save for a white star on each of their brooches. While Lord Elrond refused to accompany them, Elladrien pleaded with him to reconsider, but that was when Elladan and Ellohir volunteered to aid them and bring a force of 4000 Elven warriors to support the company. Arriving to Dunharrow where the Rohirrim have assembled, Elladrien and her husband were forced to accept Aragorn's mission to enter the Paths of the Dead since there would be enough rangers, soldiers, and warriors to stand against the armies of Mordor.

On March 15, Elladrien and Pelisor fought together in the Battle of Pelennor Fields, and shot down many Haradrim archers. However, when their horses were shot down, the couple never left each other, and made their stand to engage a battalion of Easterlings. Unfortunately, Elladrien was wounded when she got herself stabbed in the right side of the stomach by an Orc, but Pelisor defended her until he was killed by Rashnak. Elladrien cried out in pure horror when she watched her husband fall to his death, and immediately stood up and killed the deadly Orc. Elladrien continued to fight throughout the battle and defend the fields from the enemy. When Éowyn came face-to-face with Mûrazôr and was defeated by the Nazgûl's flail, Elladrien was still injured, but she resisted the pain and tried to protect Éowyn and engage the Witch-king herself. After a brief duel, Mûrazôr killed her by plunging his sword into her chest while Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli arrived with the Army of the Dead.


Ten years after her and Pelisor's death during the Fourth Age, Estel lived in Rivendell under the care of Elrond's sons until he learned about what happened to his parents. Knowing that they died in saving the lives from Gondor, Estel honored them, and would grow up to become a Ranger like them.

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Chinese (Hong Kong) 艾拉德麗

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