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Elise Rosepetal
Elise Rosepetal
Biographical Information
Other namesElf girl
Princess Elise
Date of birthApril 9, TA 2893
WeaponryBow and arrow
Physical Description
Race1/3 Hobbit
1/3 Elf
1/3 Fairy
CultureGrey Elves
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBrown
FamilyRosepetal family
ParentageThranduil & Violet Rosepetal
Lord of the Rings film trilogy
"She is an experienced warrior and can easily see through one as if they are a gossamer curtain."
Thranduil to Bilbo about his daughter
Elise Rosepetal was a young warrior of Elven and Hobbit descent.


Early LifeEdit

Elise was born out of wedlock to Thranduil and Violet Rosepetal, a Hobbit who ran away from Bree to escape an arranged marriage to another halfling.

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