Elgarain Sword
Biographical Information
TitleChief Ranger
Date of birthTA 2885
Date of deathTA 2915
WeaponryBow and Sword
Physical Description
CultureArnorians (Dúnedain of Arnor)
HeightTall (6'2 feet)
Hair colorDark brown
Eye colorGrey
Skin colorLight
ParentageUnnamed father & mother
SiblingsUnnamed brother
Lord of the Rings film trilogy
ActorKate Madison

Elgarain was a young female Dúnedain who became a Ranger of Arnor.


Dirhaborn2 560x315

Elgarian and Dirhaborn

Born in TA 2885, Elgarain's mother died after giving birth to her and she was to grow up in a male influenced environment, which suited her fine. While growing up, Elgarain learned the ways of a ranger like many other women that chose to defend their families. During her training, Elgarain befriended Dirhaborn and the two would sometimes spy and hunt for food. When her father was killed by orcs during a mission with Arathorn the Second, she requested to take his place and become a ranger, having often felt more at home in the forest than in village life. Arador was resistant to the idea, believing that she was still too young and not ready to become a fighter. Feeling guilty about her father’s death, Arathorn supported her decision and requested that his father allow him to include her in his team. When Arador reluctantly agreed, Arathorn taught her the skills she'd need.

Elgarain was in love with Arathorn, and was jealous when he married Gilraen. When she was alone in the forest, she encountered Dirhaborn, who revealed that he truly loves her. Elgarain felt the joy in her heart and kissed each other. When orcs came at them, he told her to run and warn the Dúnedain before the orcs killed him. Elgarain rushed back to Taurdal in time and warned everyone on the oncoming attack. During the ensuing battle, she defended Gilraen and Aragorn from been slaughtered, but was suddenely stabbed in the stomach by one of the Orcs that came right up to her. When Gilraen rushed to her and tried to help her, she apologized to Gilraen for her envy and told Arathorn that he and his son must live and not to lose hope. After her death, Gilraen mourned Elgarain's death and buried her with the other victims that perished in the battle.


Behind the scenesEdit

Elgarain was played by Kate Madison, the director and producer of Born of Hope.

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