The Edain also known as Atanatári, Fathers of Men, and Three Houses of Men are a group of Humans that came to the Beleriand from the Far East during the First Age.


At the beginning of the First Age, the Edain were drawn toward the Light of the West and entered Beleriand where they befriended the elves. Entering their service, the Edain were given land and title and fought valiantly in the Battles of Beleriand.


The Edain were tall, fair, and strong as many males or females were fierce in war, and they shunned all dealings with evil. In Beleriand the Edain loved the Eldar, from whom they learned much wisdom, and they were further ennobled by the two marriages of Elda and Adan. The lifespan of the Edain before they entered Beleriand was lengthened to 90, but many Edain were gifted the power of been ageless.


The language of the Edain was related to Adûnaic, but in Beleriand, most of the Edain spoke Sindarin.

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