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Bad Wizards Edit

Sauron the Black, the Great Edit

The Five Edit

  • Šluhluf the Black, the Stone - petrified near Morgul
  • Nemrut the Black, the Fire - long time king of Tarabrutania
  • Kudnodbiandan the Black, the Powerful - the Crystal palace on the Glass hill
  • Dllln the Black - disfigured
  • Durbatulk the Black - chief of Sauron´s secret spies

Good Wizards Edit

Rababulud the Golden, the Small - defeated by Saruman

The coloured duos Edit

  • Kandibandan and Funtimont the Reds - Aiventar in Numistar in Henduspia
  • Alatar and Palandó the Blues - Tarabrutania
  • Darabad and Agbaba the Yellows - Tarabrutania
Orcs march to Minas Ithil

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