Dryle Henmose
Biographical Information
Other names{{{othernames}}}
Date of birth2987 3A
Year ascended to the throne{{{rule}}}
Physical Description
CultureGondorians, Gondorian Army
Hair colorDark brown
Eye colorBlue
Skin color{{{skin}}}
Lord of the Rings film trilogy
ActorEmilia Clarke

Dryle Henmose was a young who was born in a village near Minas Tirith. She met some of the Fellowship on their quest.


Dryle was born a small village close to Minas Tirith. She was born in one of the middle class families. Her father was a solider for the village. He taught her how to use a bow and throw knives and was about to teach her to use a sword. One day however orcs attacked their village. They sent Dryle out on a horse with knives and her bow and arrow. On her way out she managed to kill orcs. She came across 4 orcs who were trying to kill 3 kids. She killed all of the orcs and took the children with her. She then learned their names were Mote, Deirde and Fraana.One night  days and days later after the attack Dryle had over heard the fellowship talking so she put the kids to bed and waited for the fellowship to fall asleep. Once they did she sneaked into camp to steal some food however Legolas had seen her and he grabbed her when she came near to him. She kicked him in the face when he grabbed her ankle, which alarmed the rest of he fellowship. She almost got away but didn't so she called out the signal for run which was 'Htam'.However Aragon realized this and made Gimli and the hobbits go look for the kids and they found them easily. From then on out she and the kids traveled with the fellowship. On their a however they were ambushed by orcs and this ended up with Deirde almost dying. Dryle then decided to go to Gondor to help them live a better life. They ended up settling there and Dryle joined the army after requesting it with Aragorn.

Personality Edit

Dryle as shown to be a very responsible and intelligent because she took care of three kids and was able to do so easily. She was also stealthy as she was able to avoid most of the fellowship from hearing her when she sneaked into the camp. However she was not afraid o show her displeasure of the Fellowship around everyone though he did not say any mean or sarcastic comments when the kids were around.

Appearance Edit

Dryle was described to be average height for a human wih long dark brown hair and grey eyes. She has a scar on her right ribs from an attack by an orc.

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