Biographical Information
Date of deathTA 3003
Physical Description
CultureGoblins of Moria
Hair colorDark
Eye colorYellow
Skin colorGray
Lord of the Rings film trilogy
ActorKate O' Rourke

Drisnak was a Goblin who lived in the mines of Moria during the Third Age.


Sometime during his life after the Goblins retook the ancient citadel, mansion, and city-hold of Dúrin's Folk, he dressed himself in rugged elven clothes and collected all sorts of useful knowledge. Later in the year TA 3003, during the War of the Ring, Drisnak had awoken after Pippin accidentally threw a bucket and a skeleton in a pit. The noise attracted him and many goblins to the Chamber of Mazarbul, and they eventually broke the gate and engaged the Fellowship of the Ring. Unknown to the Fellowship, it is revealed that Drisnak heard of the One Ring and came to his own conclusions about it and how to get it for himself. Before Drisnak was about to fulfill his plan, the Nine Walkers showed resistance and Aragorn, son of Arathorn, beheaded the Goblin.

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