Arda, Earth & Dragomar

Average height

Varied heights

Skin color


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Tall, large, reptilian, agile


500 years or more


Glaurung, Smaug, Morgala, Cordelia


Dragons were an ancient race of large mystical creatures which resembled large ferocious winged reptiles. They possessed the ability of breathing fire. Some were native to Dragomar, including Arda and Earth.


During the First Age, some dragons came across a portal which took them to the world of Arda and would later serve the Dark Lord Morgoth. Glaurung, called the "Father of Dragons", was among those entered and went on to serve the Dark Lord, and was would be used as a great weapon during the third and fourth battles in the War of the Jewels.

Dragon Species Edit

Dragon is the greatest and most powerful amongst the reptilian-species. They rule and control large areas by themselves and don't live in herds.

Drake belongs to the majority of that reptilian species as they're basically very flexible and adaptive towards the other types.

Wyvern is the most similar towards the dragons, having wings and the same distinctive characteristics. Although they do not breath fire or might not have the ability to talk, they can still fly and hunt weaker prey like savage beasts.

Wyrm is the second greatest of the reptilian species, they come in all sizes but is by far the most intelligent ones besides dragons and has the ability to speak several languages. Wyrms is basically more advanced than all the other reptilian species except the ability to fly.

Named DragonsEdit