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Also Known As
Dorbon the fair

Dorbon the wise

Unspeakable Evil
The head orc


Mount Gundabad





Powers of the Valar (Second Age- Unknown
Dorbon was a Valar. It is unknown if he is alive or dead. He became a Dark Lord after Sauron fell at the hands of the last alliance.


Dorbon was not created by Morgroth he was a Valar that had been an ally of Morgroth. The other Valar tourted him into telling him everything of Morgroth. After they tourted him beyond repair they wiped his memory of being a Valar and disfigured him to look like an orc. After he was disfigured he wore a suit of armor that hid his face. It was a long time before Morgroth realised that the orc was Dorbon the Valar.


Once when Dorbon was in the realm of Arnor he came upon trolls at night. After he slayed them he went to check what treasures they had stole. He found a smooth black rock that he took. After he came back to Minas Ithil he tested it and he saw the Witch king of angmar in it. Right after he looked in it the witch king came to him he saw that the witch king had a black stone aswell. The Witch king explained that he had found the palantir of Annuminas. He also said that they had the palantir of Minas Ithil and that they had palatiri multiple palantir. He said that they could commuicate with each other in the war. Also The Witch king told Dorbon that they had salvaged the palantir of Arnor. He told Dorbon that Sauron had a palantir. The Witch king had a palantir so did Dorbon and Jacor the Nazgul had the one from Osgiliath.

First Age Edit

In the First Age when The war of the great jewels happened Dorbon was Morgroth's strongest ally he had aided Morgroth but when the Valar found out he paid the price. The Valar tourted him so bad he could not ever remember being a Valar and he looked like an orc and he thought he was an orc. It was at 500 FA when Morgroth relised that Dorbon the orc was his ally Dorbon the Valar. He could sensethat there was a suppressed power in him.

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