Dirhabornsmall thumb
Biographical Information
Other namesDire
Date of birthTA 2880
Date of deathTA 2915
WeaponryBow and Sword
Physical Description
CultureArnorians (Dúnedain of Arnor)
HeightTall (6'4 feet)
Hair colorLight red
Eye colorBlue
Skin colorLight
ParentageUnnamed father & mother
SiblingsTwo unnamed siblings
Lord of the Rings film trilogy
ActorDanny George

Dirhaborn was a skilled and vigorous young ranger who lived in Arnor during the late-Third Age. Born in TA 2880, Dírhaborn spent much of his childhood years with Elgarain and has always cared for her. Later, Dirhaborn admitted that he loved her, but was soon slain by orcs. Elgarain died later on during the battle.

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