Dimple Hamwich
"Boys don't annoy your father! He's still writing his book"
―Dimple in The Adventures of a Hobbit film

Dimple Hamwich (Nee Brandybuck) was the wife of Mermiach Hamwich and mother of Gerbulas and Bolo Hamwich

Early LifeEdit

Dimple was born in The Shire, Hobbiton and was your ordinary female Hobbit she spent most of her time playing with other child Hobbits including Mermiach.

Mermiach's 33rd BirthdayEdit

On Mermiach's 33rd birthday, Dimple came to celebrate. Later that night she confessed her love to him and how long she was in love with him for. Mermiach never returned the feelings and left her heartbroken.

The GoodbyeEdit

Before Mermiach went on his journey to stop the Civil War, he said goodbye to all his friends including Dimple, but she ignored him and told him to go away and "Hope [He] never comes back alive" she was that angry that she told him she wanted him to die on the journey, that put a huge dent in Mermiach's and Dimple's relationship.

The ReturnEdit

Months later Mermiach had finally returned from his journey. And the first person he came to see was Dimple, he then confessed his love for her and said he'd always had but never knew it. And the two then became a couple.

Married Life and The Birth of her ChildrenEdit

Mermiach proposed to Dimple a few months after they became a couple she said yes and married near a lake. 1 month later she found out she was pregnant and gave birth to Gerbulas 9 months later (Obviously). 4 years later she gave birth to Bolo.

Later LifeEdit

By the time Gerbulas was 33 and Bolo 29, Mermiach started to right book based on his adventure. An Elf arrived the door and offered the family a place at the Undying Lands, they happily agreed.

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