Skin color



Goblins are vile creatures that dwell in Moria.


When the Fellowship passes through Moria, the Goblins noticed that there were intruders trespassing through their home, causing a fight to break out. but the entire force is wiped out. However, a much larger force of Goblins close in on the Fellowship, who flee to the Bridge of Khazad-dûm. Unfortunately for them, even more Goblins intercept them.

Surrounded by so many Goblins, the Fellowship slaughtered them all and it seemed they were triumphant, but the Fellowship suddenly paused as a menacing roar echoed in the distance as some part of a distant hall lit with a fiery orange glow.


Moria goblin

Goblins were described as pale coloured creatures, they also had pointy ears and creepy eyes.

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