Biographical Information
AffiliationIthilien Rangers
Date of deathTA 3003
Physical Description
Hair colorDark
Eye colorGrey
Skin colorFair
SpouseUnnamed wife
Lord of the Rings film trilogy
ActorAlistair Browning

Damrod was one of the Ithilien Rangers, serving as one of Faramir's most trusted men and companion of Mablung.


During the War of the Ring, Damrod led the night patrol that captured Gollum in the Forbidden Pool. He later participated in the second battle of Osgiliath. Damrod fought valiantly against a whole number of orcs that were moving throughout the city. As many orcs were passing through the city, Damrod was given the order to retreat. A few days later, Damrod was sent with Faramir and his 100 men to reclaim Osgiliath from the enemy. Damrod thought this was suicide, but he always held honor. He believed that Faramir's father had gone mad. He was killed by a volley of arrows before he could engage the enemy.

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