Background information
Type City State
Location Northern Rhovanion, between the southwest and southeast arms of Erebor
Realms Kingdom of Dale
Ruler King of Dale
Other Information
Summary Northern City of Humans, Elves, and Dwarves
Other names
Inhabitants Northrons (Dale-folk)
Spoken languages Westron
Lifespan Second Age - ?

Dale was a city state located in the north-eastern part of Rhovanion, to the south of Erebor, and between the rivers Celduin and Carnen during the Second, Third and Fourth Age.


Early HistoryEdit

Built in the Second Age, Dale was inhabited by Humans on the River Running between the Lonely Mountain and the Long Lake. It was ruled by Lord Girion until its destruction in TA 2770 by the dragon Smaug.


Situated in the shadow of the Lonely Mountain, it was deserted for nearly 60 years while the mountain was under the control of Smaug. After Smaug's death and the Battle of the Five Armies in TA 2941, the city was repopulated and rebuilt after Bilbo Baggins and his companions broke into the dragon's stronghold to claim back the Lonely Mountain. At this point, Smaug was in rage and flew to Esgaroth upon the Long Lake (a nearby town) in an attempt to destroy it. This attempt failed however as the dragon met his end when Bard I killed him with a Black Arrow.

War of the RingEdit

During the War of the Ring, the inhabitants of Rhovanion were forced to defend Dale from an invasion of Sauron's forces.

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