Daisy Gamgee2
Daisy Gamgee
Biographical Information
Date of birthTA 2972
Date of deathFO 90
Physical Description
Height5 ft
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorBlue
Skin colorLight
FamilyGamgee family
ParentageHamfast Gamgee and Bell Goodchild
Lord of the Rings film trilogy

Daisy Gamgee I was the third child and first daughter of Hamfast Gamgee and Bell Goodchild.


Born in TA 2972, Daisy was considered to be one of the tallest hobbits in the Shire. She was very fond in adventures and was one of those that endured Bilbo's studies. At the age of eighteen, Daisy fought alongside her cousin during the Battle of Bywater, slaying a couple of Ruffians that took power and wealth over the Shire. Daisy was considered to be very brave and she proved her skills when she took down a Hill troll.

On September 22, TA 3001, Daisy and her family attended Bilbo's farewell party. After her younger brother Sam left the Shire with Frodo, Daisy grew worried of her brother's departure until she received word a month later that her brother was okay. She was very happy to hear the news until she and her siblings joined the Hobbitry-in-arms under the leadership of Paladin Took II. Traveling south to Gondor, Daisy and the whole company joined forces with the Rohirrim and fought in the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. During the battle, Daisy accompanied Paladin to the ruin city of Osgiliath to wipe out a number of enemies that were retreating.

After the battle, Daisy volunteered in gathering the wounded and taking them to Minas Tirith to be healed. She would later participate in the Battle of the Black Gate until Frodo destroyed the One Ring. Sauron's death led to a new age in Middle-earth and Daisy was considered to be a hero of the war. She later attended Aragorn's coronation where he became the King of Gondor. Upon returning to the Shire, Daisy went on to live in Rohan with a group of twenty-seven hobbits that decided to settle out of the Shire. Daisy visited her family on several occasions over the years until she passed away in 90 4A.

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