Was king of  East Rhún in the End of the Third age and in the fourth age.

  • Born :2083
  • Came to the throne:2094
  • Died: 37 FA

He attacked Gondor 3018 and later 3019 at Pelennor.His armies were first destroyed by Faramir. After bthe charge of the Rohirrim at Pelennor he retreats and captures Caír Andros.At Morannon his armies attack Aragorn, but after the destruction of the ring he fled to his country.

When Aragorn rode with Eomér to the East in 18 FA,  Dagúrmúrl  conquered Agasha Dag, Gathod, Logathavuld and Sagathavuld. After the Esgaroth Campaign he also conquered Gramavuld.

Aragorn fought the Rhúnish king once more.Rhunish armies were totaly destroyed at Szrel-Kain.

He conquered Dor Rhúnen in 29 but

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