Biographical Information
Other namesGoblin Scribe
Date of birthLate-Third Age
Date of deathLate-Fourth Age
Physical Description
CultureGoblins of the High Pass
Height2 ft
Hair colorNone
Eye colorBrown
ParentageOgrod (father)
Lord of the Rings film trilogy
ActorKiran Shah

Crugbit was a Goblin who worked as a scribe and a messenger for his father Ogrod, the Goblin King. His job is to record events in Goblin-town.


He is a tiny goblin with malformed legs. He uses his long finger nail to write with and uses parchment to write on. If you look closely, his legs are deformed and withererd. Because he cannot walk, he must get around on a pully with a seat attached to it. Before the his father gives him orders, he is seen laughing at Thorin Oakenshield because he does not know that Azog is still alive. He was able to send word to Azog, informing him that he and the goblins found Thorin and Company. However, the dwarves and humans escaped, and Crugbit was upset after he learned that his father was killed by Gandalf.

Portrayal in adaptationsEdit

Crugbit was played by Kiran Shah in the first part of the film version of The Hobbit.

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