Biographical Information
Other namesWarden, Scoutie
AffiliationGrey Company
SubgroupThe Scoundrel
Date of birthTA 2907
Date of deathFO 100
WeaponryBow and Sword
Physical Description
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBlack
Lord of the Rings film trilogy
ActorStephen Amell

Corsanir, or Corsanir the Warden is a member of the Grey Company. He is the scout and watchman of the team.


He was one of the robbers that were recuited by Aragorn, Halbarad, Elladan and Elrohir.

During the Battle of Lam Nheong, he and Dweorh, his best friend, was appointed to protect the sword. They slayed all the ambushing Orcs. Then he then joined the duel in the forest with Harlos and other Strikers (a subgroup of Grey Company).

He joined the Skrimish on Umbar Pirates Ships and Battle of the Pelennor Fields. He found a masterless horse and mounted it. He along with Lerson and Amarion used their body to shield Aragorn from being shot. Both Lerson and Amarion was perished while he was badly injured. Idrenhid, the healer of the Grey Company.

He joined the Last Debate. Although Halabarad, Aragorn and Dweorh persuaded him not to battle in the Battle of the Black Gate since he was just recovered, he determined to go. He managed to survived the great war.

Dweorh and him and other surviving members of Grey Company rebuilt Fornost Erain and upheld the system of colition government. He and Dweorh and the cabinet of the King.

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Chinese (Hong Kong) 高新尼亞

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