Chief Appleblood

Chief Appleblood in combat.

Chief Appleblood was the chief of the Appleblood clan of brigands. He was a known menace to Bree-land during the Fourth Age, along with being one of the most infamous brigands to ever roam the region.


Appleblood's origins are mostly unknown, although it is likely that he grew up among brigands himself, and was part of a clan during his teenage years. It is also possible that he grew up in Bree or the villages around it, and was introduced to the brigand way of life by Bill Ferny, a brigand who lived in Bree.

The Appleblood clan and attacking BreeEdit

At some point around FO 2, Appleblood became the Chief of a new clan, named after himself. Within days, the Appleblood clan started to cause chaos around Bree-land, the most harrowing crime being the burning of a farm, killing four children and their mother. As his infamy grew, Appleblood soon became feared in Bree and the surrounding areas, and his clan grew more and more, Eventually, the brigand clans of Eriador joined together with Appleblood, and this caught the attention of a certain woman: Kashaka.

Kashaka came to Appleblood with the idea of attacking Combe, Staddle and Bree, making him the ruler of Bree-land. However, it was not through Appleblood's free will that he chose to do so. Kashaka was a sorceress, and was once one of the Maiar. Using hypnosis, she was able to enslave the entire Appleblood clan to her will, before ordering them to attack Combe. The clan raided the village during the night, killing the guards and taking the villagers hostage. The villagers were then put under Kashaka's control, and her power grew.

At this time, two figures met in the Prancing Pony: Mageth and Chellon. Mageth was an Elf warrior associated with the Dunedain rangers, and Chellon was a ranger himself. Both recieved pleas from the mayor to help the town, and they agreed. Travelling to the nearby village of Staddle, they killed one of Kashaka's spies, who uttered praise to 'Ankar', something no one had heard before. Chellon and Mageth prepared a quick defence around the village, and beat back around 100 brigands during a great skirmish. Kashaka was captured, and Appleblood was killed, along with his most devout followers.

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