“We should march now. The longer we wait, the more death that woman causes!”

Chakin insisting that the Alliance should march on Rohan.
Chakin armour

Chakin in full body armour.

Chakin, known as High Marshal Chakin among his men was an Easterling and high-ranking member of the Alliance. The leader of the Easterling military that supported the Alliance and opposed both Kashaka and Sauron, Chakin was battle-hardened and loved nothing more than war, though he was also optimistic of victory.

Early lifeEdit

Chakin was the son of Hakran, who was at the time the second-in-command of the Alliance's Easterling forces. From an early age, Chakin was trained to fight, but the training he recieved from his father did not last long. During a hunting trip, he and his father were attacked by servants of Kashaka. In order to protect his son, Hakran diverted the attention of Kashaka's servants, allowing Chakin to escape. Hakran was able to kill about fourty enemies with just a wooden spear, though he was eventually decapitated by a Blacklock dwarf.

The rest of Chakin's training came from the members of the Easterling army, and his prowess with a double-ended spear soon became obvious. This got the attention of the High Marshal Faron, who took Chakin as a bodyguard. Chakin trained under the High Marshal himself, and when the High Marshal became ill with a fatal disease, he named Chakin his successor on his deathbed.

High Marshal and War of the GemEdit

Due to his position as leader of most of the Alliance's army, Chakin often met with the leaders of the Alliance, Alatar and Pallando, and Chakin quickly befriended Alatar, despite Alatar's pacifism. Despite the fact that the two shared a love for war, Pallando and Chakin often clashed in debates, as Pallando was often cynical of Chakin's battle plans and optimistic attitude, mentioning that liking battle doesn't mean you'll win one.

When Mageth, Chellon and Bolin arrived in Khazikal in FO 6 after Kashaka started to enslave Eriador, Gondor and Rohan, Chakin met Mageth when he came to inform Alatar and Pallando of the capture of a spy working for Kashaka. Chakin had a small exchange of words with Mageth and Chellon, before keaving to mass his troops, as the Alliance were about to march west and wage a war against Kashaka.

Chakin led the Easterling armies during the War, including during the Battle of the Dust and the Defence of Ithilien. Chakin spent a lot of time with Bolin, and the two talked of each other's cultures and their pasts. Chakin was later present during a council between Mageth, Chellon, Pallando and King Eomer, who had just been rescued from Isengard by the Great Eagles. Chakin urged that the Alliance should march towards Eriador as quickly as possible, though Pallando shot down the idea as reckless. However, Mageth and Chellon agreed, acknowledging that time was running out for the people of Eriador who were still fighting Kashaka.

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