This story is written by Lady-In-Violet. Please do not edit except to fix typos or fix links.


The little girl sat silently in her home, waiting. Her parents had gone on a short trip- or so they said. A short trip often turned into a long expedition for them. Not because they neglected their young daughter- by no means, they loved the child dearly. They simply loved to roam and would forget everything in the wonders of the world.

With this in mind the small one waited. And waited. Suddenly, the girl felt a strange feeling. Somehow, she could never have explained it, but she knew that this time, they were not coming back. There was no point in waiting for them any longer.

With this mysterious knowledge the girl stood up and got herself ready. In time the tears of sorrow of her parents' sudden end would come in due time. Now was the time to move. For the very same sprit that made her parents wish to wander was very much alive in her. Now the mountains were calling, and she was ready to answer.

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