Burner was an Elvish sword originally designed for Mermiach Hamwich in his quest to stop the The Civil War, Mermiach then passed the sword down to his eldest son Gerbulas Hamwich where he used it in The Quest to defeat the Dark Lord. The sword was then passed down after generation after generation until it was finally passed down to Bado Boffin in The Desolation of Soren.


Burner was forged in Rivendell and made specifically for Mermiach Hamwich. He used it in the Civil War, before the Civil War whenever he was attacked by Orcs their skin would burn if they get near. It would later become a family sword.

Burner was then used by Gerbulas Hamwich in his Quest to defeat the Dark Lord. When he was ambushed by Orcs he used it to scare them away and used it again in the Dark Lord's tower.

Burner was used centuries later by a descendant of Mermiach and Gerbulas, Bado Boffin, he then used it in his quest to defeat Salon The Stone-giant.

Burner was then passed to Bado's grandson, Fredo Boffin in his quest to destroy the Second One Ring of Power AKA The One Ring II.

List of known wieldersEdit

Mermiach Hamwich

Gerbulas Hamwich

Bado Boffin

Fredo Boffin

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