Brukraksh the Ironclad

Biographical information

Other names
The Iron Orc, Brukraksh the Bold
Elf Eater
Date of birth
Year ascended to the throne
Date of death
FA 456
Realms ruled
Camp of the Zou Ushatar
Spike flail

Physical description

5 feet
Hair color
Eye color

Brukraksh of the Ironclad, was an orc of Angband born during the 400 year Siege of Angband. He was known as the Ironclad because his flexible plate armour protruded directly from inside his body.

Brukraksh was the head of the orc pack known as the Zou Ushatar, or Black Warriors.

Brukraksh is a central antagonist in the fan-fiction novel: Veteran


Brukraksh began his life as a blacksmith in the pits of Angband, creating weapons for the warrior-orcs. He slowly became stronger and stronger, before finally doing a dangerous self-implant, leaving him with huge chunks of solid metal protruding from his body as armour, earning him the nickname "The Iron Orc". Brukraksh then joined the fighting orcs.

Brukraksh was part of the group of orcs who attacked the Pass of Aglon and breached it. During the later parts of the battle, he was also present during the ambush of the forces of Finrod Felegund.

After the Dagor Bragollach, Brukraksh was given command of the orcish party known as the Zou Ushatar, and was sent to hunt down the remaining Ñoldorin Elves survivors that fled the battle. Due to his successes in the hunting of the elves, the Zou Ushatar increased from 70 orcs, to 140 orcs.

The events after the Dagor Bragollach are documented in the fan-fiction novel: Veteran.

Brukraksh continued on hunting and killing the elves until his death at the hands of Arandir Ballach in FA 456.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Brukraksh was strong-willed and ruthless, yet quite a tactician, taking the largest risks only when there was no risk of failure.

He had no opposition to slaughter of innocence, however he never actually did so himself, finding it no fun to kill prey that wouldn't put up a fight.

In battle, he wielded a gruesome spike attached to a chain which he called a spike-flail. He never defended himself in battle, relying on his cleverly arranged armour to protect him and not restrict his movement.

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