Bris II
Bris II
Biographical Information
Date of birthTA 2745
Date of deathTA 2880
Physical Description
CultureDúrin's Folk
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorGrey
Skin colorLight
FamilyHouse of Dúrin
SpouseThráin II
ChildrenThórin, Dís, Frérin
Lord of the Rings film trilogy
ActorUnknown actress

Bris II was a beautiful female dwarf who was the wife of Thráin II, and the mother of Thórin, Dís, Frérin. She was named after Bris I.


Bris was born in the year TA 2745 and lived in the great kingdom of Erebor. At the age of 101, Bris first met Thráin, son of Thrór, in the lower halls of Erebor and the two fell in love. Hoping to continue the line of Dúrin's Folk, Bris gave birth to her first child and named him Thórin II, named after Thórin the First, in TA 2846. Six years later, Bris gave birth to her second son and named him Frérin. Later in TA 2860, she gave birth to her final child and named her Dís. Bris spent most of her life with her children and one every summer, she would take them to the great city of Dale.

In the year TA 2880, Bris traveled to the city of Dale where she provided food and gold coins to several children. She, like her husband and children, was aware of the sickness that Thrór succumbed to and believed that bad things would happen, in which it did. It was the day when the dragon Smaug came and wrecked havoc in the city of Dale. Bris made it back to the mountain to remain hidden, but she was killed in the terrible sacking with her mother-in-law before they could escape.

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