Biographical Information
Other namesCraft-Gold-Man
TitleHead of Crafting and Mining Department of Erebor
AffiliationHouse of Durin
LanguageKhuzdul and Westron (with strong ascent)
Date of birthTA 2655
Year ascended to the throneDwarven Crafting and Mining halls of Erebor
Date of deathTA 3003
Physical Description
CultureDurin's folk
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorGreen
Lord of the Rings film trilogy

Brædfætmann was a Dwarf of Erebor. He was in charge of all kinds of mining work of the Lonely Mountain. After Dain became the King of Dwarves, he returned to Erebor and did his old duty.


Brædfætmann was born in Khazdul-dum. Due to his ancestor, Narvi, his family was respected by the Dwarves, which made his great grandfather Lord of Erebor. And he succeed the title.

He crafted a Mithril Shockwave-axe when he was 8 years old, which the Dwarves was shocked. He was appointed as the Head of Erebor's Crafting and Mining department after that. At that time, the Dwarven fortress and walls are still made of wood, he led a group of 300 strong men and rebuilt them all with solid rock and silver. Also, he expanded the crafting and mining hall inside the mountain.

During TA 2789, he witnessed the mining of Arkenstone with Thorin, Balin, Ratlin and Tok the miner. And he witnessed the fall of Erebor.

Due to his high age, he didn't join the Battle of Azanulbizar. He guarded the Thorin's Halls with 30 male and 20 female Dwarves. Of course, he survived.

During the War of the Ring, when the Dwarves and Men were falling back to the fortress, some Easterlings attacked the Left Mine. Brædfætmann tried to protect the best mine of Erebor, but was overwhelmed and slayed. His corpse was found and mourned later. The destroyed Left Mine was rebuilt and renamed as Brædfætmann's Mine, in remembrance of him.


"Bræd" means "Craft" in Old English, "Fæt" means "Gold" and "Mann" means "Man". So his name will be combined as "Craft-Gold-Man".


  • His name, is similar to "Bred-fet-Mann", which means "Wide-Fat-Man" in Norwegian.
  • His name was similar to DC Comics and Marvel superheros' names, for example Aquaman, Iron Man, etc.

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