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Bowman Cotton, nicknamed Nick, was the son of Tolman and Lily Cotton. He was the younger brother of Rosie Cotton, as well as the brother-in-law of Samwise Gamgee. He also had a younger one younger brother named Carl who was called Nibs.


Born in 2986 3A, Bowman and his family live in Bywater. However, at the age of four, Bowman and his family were enslaved by the Ruffians led by Bill Ruffin. When the Wizard Gandalf arrived a month later, Bowman took shelter with the rest of his siblings during the Battle of Bywater. Sometime after the battle, Bowman was interested in learning archery and began to practice how to use a crossbow. Bowman learned so much and would go hunting during the summer. At the age of 15, Bowman attended Bilbo's farewell party and was seen dancing around happily with his sister. He laughed when he saw his sister dancing with Samwise Gamgee.

During the War of the Ring, Bowman and his family joined the Shire Company to prepare for war against Sauron and his forces. Despite been too young, Bowman showed Will Whitfoot how good he was in archery, which impressed the mayor. After joining the Company, Bowman was also given a Barrow-blade by the Maiar Tom Bombadil. Together with his family, Bowman travelled south where they would prepare for an ultimate conflict. He participated in the Battle of Pelennor Fields where he shot down several orcs that were retreating from the battlefield. He later assisted in gathering the wounded and sending them to Minas Tirith to be healed. He later fought in the Battle of Morannon and survived the armed conflict when Frodo destroyed the One Ring.

The death of Sauron led to a new age and Bowman was among those that attended the coronation where Aragorn, son of Arathor, became the King of Gondor and Arnor. After returning home to the Shire, Bowman attended Rosie and Sam's wedding. Years later, Bowman went on to live in Gondor and served in the Royal Gondorian Army as "Captain". He passed away in 99 4A.

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