Blacklock dwarf

A Blacklock miner.

"We were once part of four different kingdoms up until the Second Age. Three of us united, forming the great kingdom of Khazikal, our home. The fourth clan refused to unite, but then again: the Blacklocks always were stubborn folk!"

Kanvi talking about the Blacklocks.

The Blacklock clan was a Dwarf clan based in the far south of the Orocarni, also known as the Red Mountains. The Blacklocks were famed miners and tunellers and were rumoured to have the ability to see gems and metals through walls, although this is most likely a myth.


The Blacklocks were one of the Seven Clans of Dwarves, and were originated from one of the four Dwarf fathers who were born in the Orocarni. From this father, a clan spawned and built itself in the far south, becoming very suspicious of outsiders and hating even the other clans of Dwarves.

The Blacklocks rose to fame as miners, and they were thought to have the largest mines in Middle-earth. They were also excellent jewellry makers, and it was common to see a Blacklock clothed in rings, necklaces and circlets (that is, if they ever left the Orocarni). The Blacklocks did not trade their jewellry, however, and actually hated other Dwarves, believing themselves to be above them.

During the early decades of the Second Age, the Blacklocks were hypnotized and enthralled by the sorceress Kashaka , and soon started to worship her as a godess. They soon made up most of the army she used against the Dwarves to the north and the Avari, and soon the other three clans were forced to fight against their kinsmen, even uniting together to increase their chances of success. This unification soon formed Khazikal, a great Dwarf kingdom in the Orocarni that was larger than even Khazad-dum. 

The AllianceEdit

In TA 1000, the Istari arrived in Middle-earth. Two of them, the Blue Wizards Alatar and Pallando, went eastward and united Khazikal with the Avari and some of the Easterlings, forming the Alliance. When this happened, Kashaka soon abandoned the idea of creating wealth from the Blacklocks, and instead turned them all into obedient slave warriors, starting a war with the Alliance. Thousands of Blacklocks were killed over the centuries and their numbers started to dwindle.

Kashaka abandoned the Blacklocks after the end of the Third Age, and those that remained broke from her control, Many perished inside their ruined kingdom, which was empty of food and water and ridden with corpses from when the Alliance attacked. Those that were left went north to the other Dwarves, who they made up with. The Blacklocks abandoned their name and joined the Alliance, and so the clan finally came to an end in tragic fashion.

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