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Bilbo Baggins
Biographical Information
Other namesThe Barrel Rider
Thief in the Shadows
Child of the kindly West
Guest of Eagles
The Lucky Number
Madd Baggins
The Ring Winner
The Spider Stinger
Stinging Fly
He that walks unseen
Mr. Boggins
The Web Cutter
Mr. Baggins
Bilbo Took
AffiliationThórin & Company
Date of birthSeptember 22, TA 2890
Date of deathFO 21
Physical Description
CultureHarfoots (Shire-hobbits)
HeightBetween 3' and 3'6
Hair colorBrown, later White
Eye colorBrown
Skin colorLight
FamilyBaggins family
ParentageBungo Baggins & Belladonna Baggins
Lord of the Rings film trilogy
ActorMartin Freeman
Ian Holm
VoiceOrson Bean
Norman Bird
Felix Felton
Ray Reinhardt
John Le Mesurier
Jim Piddock

Bilbo Baggins was a Hobbit who lived in The Shire during the final years of the Third Age. He was hired by Thórin & Company to be their burglar on the Quest of Erebor, and later fought in the Battle of Five Armies. Bilbo was also one of the bearers of the One Ring, and the first to voluntarily give it up, although with some difficulty. He wrote of his adventures in a book he called There and Back Again.


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