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Berilac Brandybuck was a the son of Merimac Brandybuck, who was the younger brother of Saradoc Brandybuck, Master of Buckland. He was also the cousin of Meriadoc Brandybuck.


At the age of ten, Berilac was imprisoned by the Ruffians for over a month until he was rescued later on. Years later, Berilac attended Bilbo's farewell party on September 12, 3001 3A. He fainted when Bilbo disappeared with the One Ring.

During the War of the Ring, Berilac was among those that joined the Shire Company under the leadership of Will Whitfoot. Berilac believed that evil will cause the end of the world and agreed to fight against the enemies of Mordor. Travelling south to Gondor, Berilac participated in the Battle of Pelennor Fields and reunited with his cousin Merry. He helped Pippin carry Merry back to Minas Tirith with the rest of the wounded soldiers to recover from their fight. Berilac later participated in the Battle of Morannon in their final encounter with Sauron and give Frodo a chance to destroy the One Ring. Berilac fought valiantly against the enemy and cheered when Sauron was finally defeated. He was later present at the coronation where Aragorn was made king.

He returned home to the Shire and spent the rest of life, remembering how he enjoyed his adventure outside the borders of the Shire. He passed away in 99 4A.

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