Flag of Bellakar
Background information
Type Kingdom
Location South-West Haradwaith
Capital Nykkia
Founded/Built Possibly in the First Age or early Second Age
Ruler Council of Bellakar
Other Information
Other names
Inhabitants Bellakaze, Haradrim, Black Númenoreans
Spoken languages Bellakaze

Bellakar was a land in the south of Haradwaith that lay between the great sea Belegaer and the Dune Sea. A majority of this Kingdom is located within a narrow strip of land between the Grey Mountains and the Sea, but further south its territorial reaches extend.

History Edit

The Lands of Bellakar were convinced by the Confederacy of Southron Kingdoms, of which it was a member of, to join the Castamiri cause of taking the throne of Gondor. Bellakar was promised no more harrasment from the men of Pelargir, of which previously took herbs and exotic fruits from the land resaulting in their trade with Gondor and the other Westlands being almost nonexistent. The men of Bellakar agreed to help the Line of Castimir as long as said promise stayed intact.

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