Belladonna Baggins
Biographical Information
Other namesBelladonna Took
Date of birthTA 2862
Date of deathTA 2912
Physical Description
CultureHarfoots (Shire-hobbits)
Height4 feet
Hair colorDark
Eye colorBrown
Skin colorLight
FamilyBaggins family/Took family
ParentageGerontius and Adamanta Took
SiblingsIsengrim, Hildigard, Isumbras, Hildigrim, Isembold, Hildifons, Isembard, Hildibrand, Donnamira, Mirabella and Isengar
SpouseBungo Baggins
ChildrenBilbo Baggins
Lord of the Rings film trilogy
ActorFran Walsh

Belladonna Baggins was a young female Hobbit who was the eldest child of Gerontius and Adamanta Took.


Early lifeEdit

Belladonna was born in TA 2862 to the Took family as one of the daughters of Gerontius and Adamanta Took. She married Bungo Baggins, who built a spacious hole for her (partly with her money), which it would become the residence of the Baggins family, and in TA 2890, her son and only child Bilbo was born. Belladonna had not only raised him, but also tried to control his adventurous and mischievous behavior, though it may be likely that she did not approve his actions of trailing mud and bringing home twigs.

During her life she would own a glory box, some doilies, and a pottery set made from the West Farthing.

Old Took's 104th birthday partyEdit

In TA 2894, Belladonna and Bilbo attended the Old Took's 104th birthday party and watched Gandalf's fireworks. When her son was hitting the Wizard playfully with his toy sword, Belladonna rushed to Bilbo to stop and took away his toy though greeted Gandalf as an old friend.

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